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Jeni Major

Jeni Major


I am a soft tissue therapist and Pilates teacher with in excess of 12 years working in Sport. My goal is to get people moving and moving well. Encourage deliberate responsibility over our bodies. I work to help people avoid succumbing to the litany of injuries that are a bi-product of lifestyle. Enjoy the benefits of the sedentary life style without being a victim of it.

Having had an alternative career in London many moons ago and even more before that I was a gymnast and 800 metre runner. I have always been active and very quickly found that the sedentary job wasn’t right for me I had too much energy. I retrained and over the last 12 years have worked with some wonderful Physiotherapists, Osteopaths, Pilates Instructors, Strength and Conditioning Coaches, athletes and individuals all of whom have helped shape me and influence my current path.

We teach mat and equipment pilates. It is heavily influenced with functional movements and practises relevant to contemporary life and sport. For those of you with specific requirements, injuries or goals we would look at 1:1 or 2:1 sessions to address those. We want the sessions to empower you to move better and have relevance in your day to day life whether that be in sport or general activity.

Most of all – it is challenging and fun. Egos are temporarily left at the door and a sense of purpose and humour are welcome.

What can I do for you?
Help you move better
Alleviate tension
Improve range of movement
Tackle chronic injuries
Form a part of your comprehensive training regime for sport
Increase functional strength
Work through your core efficiently to support life and sport
Work alongside your Physiotherapist / Osteopath / Coach

Trish Smith

Trish Smith


I was born in Zimbabwe and moved to South Africa for my secondary school years. I have always been keen and active in a variety of sports from swimming, running, cycling, ballet, gymnastics and tennis. My husband is an exploration geologist so we have lived in many different places in Africa often in the middle of nowhere so self motivation to keep active and sane was a priority.

I was introduced to Pilates in 2010 after suffering from a running injury and fell in love with the whole technique and quality of the body movement ethos. I started training to be a Pilates teacher in 2011 in the New York Classical Method qualifying in 2012. Fascinated with the science behind the Pilates method I continued my studies through BASI (Body Arts and Science International) in South Africa. I have been teaching Pilates ever since and continue to learn more everyday through the interaction with my clients.




From Tank Commander to Yoga Mats!

Christian is a father of two young sons, and now lives / works in the Bath area as a sports professional. He is a Level 4 Sports Massage Therapist, Personal Trainer, and a registered yoga teacher after qualifying in Bali with Santosha Yoga Institute.

His approach to yoga is grounded in a BSc(Hons) Applied Sports Science degree and delivered with a confidence acquired after serving as a British Army Officer. His flowing practice is accessible to all and heavily steeped in a positive and motivational energy that is focused on developing your breath, whilst stretching and strengthening your body.

We are delighted to bring Yoga into our fold. Christian is a fantastic teacher that supports your movement and walks you through Yoga at the right pace.

Beginners Yoga is currently:

Thursday 8.30 - 9.30pm

There will be more classes starting in 2018 so get in touch to register your interest and we’ll keep you updated.



First and foremost Pilates is a form of exercise, – it trains you to move your body efficiently. It is the quality of the movement that is key.

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