Soft Tissue / Massage Appointments

“Soft tissue techniques such massage targets your muscles, tendons, ligaments, or other connective tissue such as fascia”.

An essential way to give passive recovery to the muscles. This helps to redress the balance from sport or postural stresses and strains. Pilates does a similar thing in an active way and soft tissue work is a more passive experience. For the sporting elite this forms a necessary part of recovery. It is is a really good way to help give respite to all connective tissue and soft tissues.

For first time appointments the work may include some active movement as well as the soft tissue. The requirement of the appointment and the presenting issue will really dictate the treatment.
For those with an interest, I work with fascial release, neural sliding and gliding, muscle and ligament and tendon work. My experience is in numerous elite sports as well as clinics and my training is level 4 SMA and through The Anatomy Trains Thomas Myers UK based courses. I work to very high standards and work closely with several Physiotherapists and other clinical practitioners.

Sports Massage – Deep Tissue

Wellness Massage

By Sal Hawkins

Massage, Advanced Massage and Aromatherapy

As a Mum of 3 to an active family, I am passionate about working to find that balance in health, nutrition, fun, work and relaxation.  Luckily for me, work allows me to promote relaxation and well being to everyone else which tends to rub off. 

The benefits of massage and aromatherapy are endless…….whether it’s simply to relax, improve circulation, aid lymphatic drainage, improve sleep, help sooth anxiety and depression, boost immunity, relieve headaches, or if you sit at a desk all day and need ironing out! Ultimately it’s a chance to have a bit of you-time and RELAX.

Swedish massage

Aromatherapy massage

Pre and Post pregnancy

I am a fully qualified massage therapist with over fifteen years’ experience. I spent my early years at Combe Grove Manor, Lucknam Park, after which I established my own salon in Bath. I have been self-employed since having my three children. My aim is to help relieve stress and tension from the body and help ease tired achy muscles. I take great pride in helping others de-stress and unwind from hectic modern lifestyles.

Price list:

1 hr Full Body Massage – £45

30 min Back, Neck and Shoulder – £30 

Wednesday mornings 9 – 12



First and foremost Pilates is a form of exercise, – it trains you to move your body efficiently. It is the quality of the movement that is key.

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