Group Classes

Pilates and Deep Tissue Specialist

  • 9:30am (NEW)
  • 6:00pm
  • 7:00pm**
  • 8:00pm*
  • 9:30am**
  • 1:00pm (NEW)
  • 5:30pm (NEW)
  • 6:30pm (NEW)
  • 9:30am*
  • 7pm**
  • 8pm*
  • 8:00pm*
  • 9:30am*
  • 10:35am
  • 12:45pm+
  • 8:00pm*
  • 9:30am (NEW)
  • 6:00pm
  • 7:00pm**
  • 8:00pm*
  • 10:00am (NEW)
  • 6:00pm
  • 7:00pm**
  • 8:00pm*


NEW Classes from January 2017 – some experienced some new people, the level will be entry but there may be some moving around to make it work most efficiently

+ Beginners class – just started or with injuries / vulnerabilities to consider
** Classes that are established and people are progressing through the original repertoire and aware of their vulnerabilities and comfortable with when to ease off.
* Classes that are progressing through and people are building awareness


  • Small group work
  • 1:1 appointments
  • Soft tissue appointments (massage)
  • Joint soft tissue and movement sessions
  • Referral and dialogue between Physios, Osteos etc fully endorsed
  • If joining an established class a 1:1 or a small group beginners course
  • Additional sessions will be starting so please get in contact to note your interest Contact Us

Group Pilates classes:

Maximum 12 people, group sessions working through a combination of functional exercises and original repertoire, lengthening and controlling movement requirements for sport or life.

1:1 Sessions

Sessions to work on specifics. Injury related problems, return to sport, posture related requirements. Opportunities to build specificity for function. This is ideal for work on problem areas or to maintain progress with the group.

4:1 Sessions

Small group sessions where work is tailored more as well as increased contact and specificity. These are great for those moving out of 1:1s or those wanting more or to work with friends.

My Pilates training is through The Scott Studio and overseen by the professional body is IPTA. I have worked with groups of athletes and privately 1:1s all mat based work. The integration of Pilates in to my portfolio of work is really the culmination of 12 years experience.



First and foremost Pilates is a form of exercise, – it trains you to move your body efficiently. It is the quality of the movement that is key.

Contact Info

The Movement Shed, The Long Stall Barn, Paxcroft Farm, Wilts, BA14 6JB

Call Now : +44 (0) 7887703159

Daily Timing: 09:00 to 17:00